Friday, December 23, 2005

Italy court issues EU arrest warrant for CIA team

Well, well, well, well. Lookie there. Someone got too big for their britches.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Orwellian Internet Watch

This site is similar to this one except they put their own spin on events.

Orwellian Guantanamo

This article was written by Attorney Andrew Cohen, a legal analist for CBS. So, there is a degree of spin to it.

The Orwellian Language of Big Government

This site provides commentary--somewhat biased.

Happy New Year: It's 1984

Written by Jacob Levich (, a writer, editor, and activist living in Queens, New York.

The Fog of War Talk

A commentary on Bush and doublespeak, an interesting point of view.

Psychological Operation -Dept of the Army 1979

Supposedly an army field manual on psychological tactics--nothing too alarming here.

Students for an Orwellian Society Website

I hope this is parody. Students FOR an Orwellian society? Hmmmm.

High court of little help on spying

This article points out the legal loophole that the high court left unanswered regarding wiretaps in times of "war". How convienient, now that we're at war sempiternus.

Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey

Talk about an invasion of privacy. Don't the Brits have any rights? Are we far behind them?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Appearently, wiretaping authorization by presidents isn't a new thing. Somebody forgot to tell us.

Creating first synthetic life form

They haven't created life yet, but their working on it.